Digital x Fashion x Wear the Space

Knitwear meets Virtual reality

This is a collection which merges the boundary of digital world and reality. I look body as an amorphous avatar to explore the space around in and out of the virtual reality. I explore how things collide, connect, and merge together through observation.

Digital Fashion provides people with new ways to rethink fashion not only as physical outcomes but in a much broader context. When knitwear structures, garment patterns can be simulated through digital approaches, fashion has already in a transforming process from a traditional industry to a new realm with cutting-edge technologies. It has a huge potential to merge with other world-leading industries, and this movement can shift the situation of fashion as being one of the most polluting industries in the world.

I am aiming to find a balance in physical and virtual reality. To rethink, redesign and recreate a space which may have the possibility to become the part of the future fashion system.

reshape my avatar

connect with the SPACE
Merge into one
Change the texture
different combination ways

negative space

VR Tilt Brush x Interaction with Space

Visualising the imaginative space in Virtual Reality.

Houdini x Particles

Fly away

Sparkle Twist